Where does the name “CuVoodoo” come from?

CuVoodoo stands for “copper voodoo”. “Cu” is the symbol for copper in the periodic table, and is a crucial ingredient for electronic receipts (mostly printed circuit boards). “Voodoo” is because when I look at electronics, it just magically works, but I often don’t know how or why. And when I make PCBs, they often do not work for a reasons beyond my understanding but which I want to uncover. Electronic is a fascinating sorceress play.

Are you an electronic engineer?

No, not at all. I studied computer networks. I started looking into hardware when I needed to find the serial port on an access point board in 2010.
From this point on I was intrigued by electronic boards. But I never had any electronic class beyond Ohm’s law, and everything I’m talking about is information I collected when looking into others recipe book, and by fooling around by myself. As I only am an amateur and not an expert, there might be a lot of mistakes and oversights. Some are already corrected in the subtitles, but feel free to share your wisdom.

Why is my comment not appearing?

As good tyrant, I filter the comments and only allow the contributing ones. You wouldn’t question my magic, would you?
If it is unrelated to the article, has no useful information, or you want to insult me (or say nice things), then send a personal e-mail to kingkevin@cuvoodoo.info.
If it is a general question, not about a specific aspect, or you just want me to work on your project, I don’t have the required free time to assist you. This is rather something I provide as contract work.

How can I support you?

As you might have noticed, there is no advertisement or tracking anywhere and I don’t ask you to like or subscribe. This podcast is mainly a way for me to document experiments made and share experiences.  If you like what I do, then good for you. I really welcome comments pointing out errors or providing additional information about aspects I missed though.

Why don’t you use iTunes, twitter, or facebook?

They offer me nothing I can’t do by myself in an even better way.
I do have to admit, I do have a YouTube channel. But did you ever try to deliver videos on so many browsers and platforms? I failed. That requires master sorcery skills, and YouTube provides them, for free. It works everywhere and does not require flash. It’s a great content delivery network, and I use it in this way as secondary channel. That is also why I don’t allow comments on there. You can do that here on the mains website. This small barrier cuts a lot of crap. And if you want high quality videos with chapter marks, I provide that myself on this website.