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CuVoodoo #031 – controller impersonation

identifying STM32F103C clones:
The STM32F103C micro-controller has become so popular that you can find plenty of pin and code compatible clones. The issue is when they pretend to be genuine STM32. We will see how to identify counterfeit STM32F103C, using the top marking, decapsulating the silicon die, but also from inside with a firmware which will check the value and behavior of some registers.

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Published: 2021-02-27 by King Kévin

CuVoodoo #018 – sparks! unite and vanish

introduction to 3-phase 4-wire power distribution:
After showing the tools used to protect myself against the sparks coming out of mains we will see the magic behind three-phase four-wire power distribution and why my custom electricity meter, the spark counter, cannot be used for such installations.

watch on other devices (youtube)

Published: 2016-12-03 by King Kévin