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CuVoodoo #034 – IC composite

pinout-based identification:
Some chips have their top marking removed. They can still be identified based on their pinout. To help me with that, I created the Integrated Circuit IDendifier (ICID) database and search engine.

documentation watch on other devices (youtube)

Integrated Circuit IDendifier (ICID) search engine

Published: 2022-03-21 by King Kévin

CuVoodoo #014 – the spark counter

my custom wireless electricity meter:
While renewing my distribution board the land lord decided to remove the electricity meter. Now I can't note how much electricity I am using. So I decided to build and install my own electricity meter: the spark counter. Using a cheap power meter (i.e. peacefair PZEM-004), a microcontroller (i.e. Arduino Nano 3.0), radio transceivers (i.e. nordic nRF24L01+), a single board computer (i.e. Raspberry Pi), and some storage and visualization tools (i.e. influxDB and grafana) I am now able to measure, log, and monitor my electricity consumption.

documentation source files watch on other devices (youtube)

I also briefly describe how to use a Saleae Logic clone logic analyzer with PulseView and sigrok.

warning: the electricity meter I am presenting will only work for 1 phase 2 wires power distribution systems. I have a 3 phases 4 wires system and I am doing it wrong.
Published: 2015-10-29 by King Kévin

CuVoodoo #011 – believe in what I do, not what I say

testing the accuracy of a power supply:
It was time to get a decent power supply, and so I found the EA-PS 2084-03B. It fulfilled all my criteria: good quality, silent, wide voltage range, and most importantly with PC connectivity. But somehow the reading on the LCD does not match what is output. So I implemented a program to remotely control and monitor this power supply, and with a PC connected UT61E multimeter I can compare what is set to what is output. This way I can measure the power supply's accuracy.

documentation source files watch on other devices (youtube)


Published: 2015-06-08 by King Kévin