CuVoodoo #005 – MegaCode gate radio control receiver reverse engineering

MegaCode is a system provided by Linear LLC for controlling gates. This time I looked a the receiver. With my firmware it is possible to efficiently record the individual codes of other remote controls.

documentation source files watch on other devices (youtube)

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Published: 2014-12-29 by King Kévin

3 thoughts on “CuVoodoo #005 – MegaCode gate radio control receiver reverse engineering”

  1. Thanks for your interesting podcast! Could you do a video about your PCB manufacturing process some time? Which layout software do you use?

    1. Yes I will show how I make PCBs, and how I solder. But there are 3 other videos I have to make before for projects I finished.
      As to the layout software I use, I did not find the perfect one yet.
      I started with KiCAD, but switched to gEDA gschem+pcb because I can script that a lot more.
      If you want an example of schematic, layout, and scripts running on it, you can have a look at the osmotoserial:

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