CuVoodoo #009 – taming glouttonous lions

building an electronic cat repeller to guard the fridge:
My sneaky cat can open all doors, even the fridge door. No meat is safe any more. To prevent that I built a cat repeller using an Atmel ATmega328P Arduino Nano 3.0 board. An HC-SR501 PIR motion detector checks if the cat is nearby. Then an E18-D80NK range detector verifies if the cat is in front of the fridge. If this is the case a ~24 kHz PWM signal will generate an ultrasound using a piezoelectric diaphragm, encouraging the cat to leave the premisses. If it still opens the fridge, a human audible alarm will sound until it is closed.

documentation source files watch on other devices (youtube)

Published: 2015-04-07 by King Kévin

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