CuVoodoo #015 – conducting fireflies

driving a vacuum fluorescent display:
The vacuum fluorescent display I salvaged from a Samsung SER6540II was only waiting to get used. This was the ideal opportunity to learn how these retro style displays work (through Supertex HV518 drivers) and get familiar with a new micro-controller (ARM Cortex-M3 based STM32F103).

documentation source files watch on other devices (youtube)

Published: 2016-02-06 by King Kévin

2 thoughts on “CuVoodoo #015 – conducting fireflies”

  1. Nice video, I learned a lot. Where I can find informations about this little power supply you used in this video? looks neat.

    1. have a look at the documentation wiki.
      you’ll find a link to it in the setup description.

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