CuVoodoo #020 – spark abacus

energy monitoring for 3-phase 4-wire mains:
In episode #014 I presented the spark counter, my custom wireless electricity meter. This electricity meter will only work for 1-phase 2-wire power distribution systems though. Since I have a 3-phase 4-wire system it was time to do it right, with the spark abacus. We will explore the different ways to collect electricity consumption measurements: using the S0 impulse output from a 3-pahse 4-wire electricity meter (DDM100TC), using the UART interface of 3 cheap power meters (peacefair PZEM-004T, one per phase), and using the Modbus/RS-485 bus of 3 nice power analyzers (Eastron SDM120-Modbus, one per pahse). A micro-controller (STM32F103) will collect the measurement values and store then using a WiFi module (ESP-01, ESP8266) into a time series database (influxDB) on a single board computer (Orange Pi PC).

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Published: 2017-02-01 by King Kévin

2 thoughts on “CuVoodoo #020 – spark abacus”

  1. Hi CuVooDoo (Kevin?)
    Was ist die maximale Last pro Phase (oder gesamthaft) beim DDM100TC? Ich habe nur wage Angaben gefunden (5-30A?)…
    Heisst es nun 3 x 10A (30A), also ca. 6.9 KW, oder pro Phase kann es 30A (und somit eine Gesamtlast von knapp über 20 kW).
    Ich würde gerne die Verbrauchsdaten von unserem Elektroauto messen. Dieses hängt bei uns beim Laden mit 3x16A, also mit etwa 11kW am Netz. Geht das mit diesem Energiemesser? (Dauerlast, teils über x Stunden)
    Vielen Dank und freundliche Grüsse aus der Schweiz

    1. TLDR: yes, you should be able to use the DDM100TC to measure the energy consumption of your car charger.

      I will reply in English just so other people can read the answer in case they have a similar question. You having found this website leads me to think that you can understand English as well.
      You can find the DDM100TC re-branded under several other names. The important part though is the current rating of the electricity meter, which should always be specified on it.
      For the DDM100TC I used in the video you can see “3×5(30)A” written on the front:
      – “3x” indicates that this is a 3-phase meter
      – “5” specifies the basic current (Ib) in ampere, for which the meter has been rated (think of it as the current for which it performs best, i.e. is the most precise)
      – “(30)” specified the maximum current (Imax) in ampere
      – the current ratings are for each individual phase
      Thus you can use a 3×5(30)A to measure the energy consumption of a 3x16A charger.

      Note: I am not an electrician. Don’t take my word as the single and complete truth. If you want more information, have a look at IEC/DIN EN 61557 (in particular part 12).

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