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CuVoodoo #029 – quest to dryland

replacing the sensor of a dehumidifier:
the humidity sensor modules of a dehumidifier kept failing, and no replacement is easily available anymore. after reversing its communication protocol, I was able to create my own module.

documentation source files watch on other devices (youtube)

Published: 2020-10-20 by King Kévin

CuVoodoo #022 – amanuensis slavery

reversing a printer cartridge chip:
How does a printer know when the cartridge is empty? Instead of using a sensor, the toner or ink level information is simply stored in memory and updated after each print. This technique also applies to my old laser-jet printer. I was able to identify the chip on the toner cartridge as a 1-Wire EEPROM with some authentication features. We will see how and what the 1-Wire protocol is. I also re-implemented this chip and was able to pass authentication thanks to a secret key I dumped from another chip, allowing me to fool the printer in thinking the toner cartridge is never empty.

documentation source files watch on other devices (youtube)

Published: 2017-09-15 by King Kévin